Duel on the Grass

Sometimes I just can’t help myself. It’s the twelfth day of the Poem a Day Challenge, and I’m getting goofy. Here’s today’s true story.

Duel on the Grass

Annie ate the bumblebee,

batted it around for a while

as I screamed at her “No!

Let the bumblebee go.”

She shot me a doggy-faced smile.

She pounced on the bee,

flipped it into the air.

I bribed her with treats

and pieces of meat.

Suddenly the bee wasn’t there,

just a bit of black fur,

a sliver of wing.

“Oh God, did you eat it?”

“I plum massacre-ed it.

The tastiest part was the sting.

Author: Sue Fagalde Lick

writer/musician California native, Oregon resident Author of Freelancing for Newspapers, Shoes Full of Sand, Azorean Dreams, Stories Grandma Never Told, Childless by Marriage, and Up Beaver Creek. Most recently, I have published two poetry chapbooks, Gravel Road Ahead and The Widow at the Piano: Confessions of a Distracted Catholic. I have published hundreds of articles, plus essays, fiction and poetry. I'm also pretty good at singing and playing guitar and piano.

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