About Unleashed in Oregon

Two middle-aged adults and a dog living a perfectly okay life in California unleashed themselves and moved to the Oregon Coast Sue LT9to live their dreams. Now it’s one adult and a different dog, but we’re still telling tales of life in South Beach, Oregon. This blog is about the beach, weather, dogs, writing, music, travel, family and lots of other things. You’ll find pictures, poems, book reviews, and occasionally a song, along with weekly reports from life in the coastal forest a block from the beach.

If you like this blog, consider buying my newest book, The Best of Unleashed in Oregon, or the book that preceded it, Shoes Full of Sand. My other books include Childless by Marriage, Stories Grandma Never Told, Azorean Dreams, and Freelancing for Newspapers.

In addition to this blog, I blog on childlessness at http://www.childlessbymarriageblog.com. For all the information you could ever want, visit http://www.suelick.com.

So who am I? I’m a recovering newspaper reporter/editor/photographer who earned an MFA in creative writing at age 51 from Antioch University Los Angeles. These days I focus on essays, fiction, poetry and blogs. I am also a roving singer-songwriter with a “day job” co-directing and accompanying the choirs at Sacred Heart Church in Newport, OR.

I am co-chair of the Oregon Coast branch of Willamette Writers, which offers monthly workshops in Newport. I am a former president of Writers on the Edge, which put on the Nye Beach Writers series and a former president of the South Bay branch of California Writers Club.

My devoted companidcef0-anniestove2on is a Lab-pit bull mix named Annie Mae, who frequently appears here. She thinks this is her blog.

Did I leave anything out? Ask me. I’m terrible at keeping secrets.

To both longtime readers and newcomers, welcome. I’m glad you’re here.


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