There’s nothing like the love of a dog

Annie Feb14C

This week, I have decided to share a poem with you. The left side of the loveseat is mine. The rest belongs to Annie. Enjoy.

On the Green Love Seat

Come into the circle of my arms.

Lay your head upon my lap.

I will rub your belly and whisper

into your floppy velvet ears

that you’re my one true love.


Stretch your paw across my arm,

lick my fingers with your long pink tongue,

sniff me with your moist black nose,

fix your amber eyes on mine.

You are my one true love.


Let your nails chafe the worn upholstery,

your tan fur coat my clothes,

your fleas walk across my bathrobe.

I will hold you anyway

for you are my one true love.


When you whimper in your dreams,

I will hold you closer still,

safe in the circle of my arms

in the endless spinning of the earth.

You, dear friend, are my one true love.


Photos and text copyright 2016 Sue Fagalde Lick

Duel on the Grass

Sometimes I just can’t help myself. It’s the twelfth day of the Poem a Day Challenge, and I’m getting goofy. Here’s today’s true story.

Duel on the Grass

Annie ate the bumblebee,

batted it around for a while

as I screamed at her “No!

Let the bumblebee go.”

She shot me a doggy-faced smile.

She pounced on the bee,

flipped it into the air.

I bribed her with treats

and pieces of meat.

Suddenly the bee wasn’t there,

just a bit of black fur,

a sliver of wing.

“Oh God, did you eat it?”

“I plum massacre-ed it.

The tastiest part was the sting.

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