2 thoughts on “Is This Book as Tasty as It Looks?”

  1. I LOVED Guernsey Literary, & I understand the movie version will be on Netflix later this month!! (I am hoping in Canada as well as the U.S.!).

    “Motherhood” is in my to-read pile… I was not expecting a conventional novel, although I know it’s being billed that way by some reviewers.


    1. You know, Motherhood is definitely not a conventional novel, but it is kind of fascinating as the narrator goes through all the questions we ask ourselves about whether or not to have children. Why are we doing it? Are we not fully women if we never have babies? Is the urge instinct or just the fact that everyone else is doing it? I’d call it a Meditation, but it is interesting.
      And yes, Guernsey is wonderful.


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