Why Would Candidates Want to Do This?

Today I'm sharing a poem I wrote a while back inspired by the Democratic
presidential debates back when there were a dozen people on the stage. Last
night's debates had fewer candidates but a lot more heat. Now I have no idea
who to vote for.  

They all want to be president.
I don’t understand these men
in their presidential suits and their
presidential ties, these women
in presidential dresses and heels
lined up behind presidential podiums
as if they weren’t all Democrats
clutching identical lists of talking points:
abortion, health care, taxes,
economy, immigration, peace.

They joust with veiled insults
to be played on CNN for days.
This one’s too old, this one too young,
this one voted for war back then.
This one wobbled on birth control.
Yeah well, that one lied about his job.
Time’s up, but no one stops.
Asked to be silent, the audience
cheers. Moderators fight for control.
I change the channel to “Jeopardy.”

They all want to be president,
to spend their days in presidential suits,
no cash or keys in their pockets,
followed by security men with guns, 
can’t even go to the presidential john
without someone taking note, every
utterance a presidential quote,
a stubbed toe a major incident.
Anybody worth the presidential job
wouldn’t stand in line for this.